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Friends of Mount Evans and Lost Creek Wilderness

Wilderness Lands Management Internship Mount Evans Wilderness
Summer Internship 2018

Download a PDF of Internship Description HERE:

2018 Summer Internship PDF 2018 Summer Internship PDF (895 KB)

Applications are being accepted immediately. Send resume, letter of interest, and description of personal background with physical activity above 8,000 feet to:

Overview of Internship

Friends of Mount Evans and Lost Creek Wildernesses (FOMELC) is recruiting for a 10-week paid internship involving a US Forest Service program to assess “Wilderness Stewardship Performance” (WSP). The primary focus of the internship will be the WSP Element “Invasive Species” for the Mount Evans Wilderness Area. A comprehensive inventory of invasive species in the Mount Evans Wilderness will be completed. First, the intern will compile an inventory of non-plant invasive species from secondary sources by literature reviews and interviews of appropriate experts including, among others, Colorado Parks and Wildlife. If there are other species not in our inventory, then abundance and population data would be collected based on existing detailed and quantitative inventories. Second, the intern will participate with the field inventory and treatment programs for known invasive plant species within the Wilderness. Finally, the intern will collect data while making these inventories related to other WSP Elements such as “user developed trails”/ “social trails”, “opportunities for solitude”, and provide visitor education on wilderness ethics. The ideal applicant will have experience in backcountry hiking, is passionate about the stewardship of wild lands, and have the academic preparation necessary to conduct literature searches on the relevant topics.

The Internship offers remuneration of $3,400 based on a stipend of $3,200 and local transportation assistance of $200. For travel outside a 50-mile radius of Evergreen, Colorado, if required, actual expenses with be reimbursed. Flexibility within a 40 hour work-week can be arranged and is probably desirable. The internship is a volunteer position with FOMELC and subject to grant funding that will be determined on or before May 15, 2018.

Mount Evans is the closest Wilderness Area to the Denver Metro Area approximately 30 miles west of the City. It includes parts of the Arapaho and Pike National Forests encompassing 74,400 acres accessed by 105 miles of trails. It is anticipated that 65% -70% of the intern’s time will be spent in the field. Tasks will be coordinated with FOMELC’s weed program manager and the Recreation/Wilderness Ranger at the Clear Creek Ranger District. For detailed description of the internship tasks see attached document. Additional information can be found at

Internship Requirements

  • Academic major in a program of environmental science, biology, natural resource management, or related program appropriate for the project
  • Enrollment in an accredited internship course, unless recently graduated from a 4-year college
  • Maturity to pursue the tasks with limited supervision
  • Ability to use with GPS units and customized iOS / Android APPS for data collection
  • Receive training in noxious weed identification, control methods and protocols for inventory procedures
  • Ability to backpack and work in remote areas at high elevations carrying 40+ lbs. backpack
  • Have own vehicle to reach USFS offices and trail heads
  • Be able to begin the internship not later than June 9, 2018
  • Make a presentation on the internship experience to Friends of Mount Evans and Lost Creek Wildernesses membership at either the September or October 2018 meeting.

Internship Primary Tasks

  1. Prepare written report on the invasive species in the Mount Evans Wilderness including non-plant species.
    1. Introduction to and background history of the Mount Evans Wilderness and resident non-native species.
    2. Literature search for field studies.
    3. Interviews with appropriate Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials
    4. Interviews with other State, Federal and other experts
    5. Documentation of findings
  2. Participation in FOMELC’s Invasive Weed Program
    1. Inventory for invasive weeds on remaining priority system trails
    2. Inventory for invasive weeds in other priority areas including “social trails” “recreation sites” and selected areas of past disturbances
    3. Participate in weed eradication projects including herbicide and manual treatments
    4. Re-assess and update infestation measurements of perimeter or size, density and life stage
    5. Collect measures to assess treatment efficacy
  3. Monitor and collect data on other wilderness characteristics
    1. Inventory and assess conditions of “user developed trails” or “social trails”
    2. Inventory and assess conditions of “recreation sites”
  4. Provide “trail patrol” functions concurrently with other field activities
    1. Offer wilderness education and guidance on wilderness ethics
    2. Collect encounter data
    3. Assess trail conditions
    4. File trail reports at the completion of each daily project
  5. Intern will become a volunteer member of FOMELC.
  6. Secondary tasks may be added as time and opportunity permit.

Partner Responsibilities

  1. Administration and overall structure of the program – FOMELC
  2. Selection of a short list of candidates for consideration by Forest Service – FOMELC
  3. Organizing training events and mentoring hikes – FOMELC
  4. Uniforms -- FOMELC
  5. Orientation and background for Invasive Species in Mount Evans Wilderness—CCRD
  6. Introductions to Forest Service and non-Forest Service experts – CCRD
  7. Identification of Priority Areas of social trails, recreation sites and other disturbed areas – CCRD and SPLRD
  8. Training for invasive weed identification and assessments and trail patrol procedures including mentoring hikes- FOMELC
  9. Coordination of invasive weed inventory activities -- FOMELC
  10. Organization of invasive weed control activities – FOMELC
  11. Collection of survey and inventory records – CCRD
  12. Review Invasive Species Report – CCRD and SPLRD
  13. Provide stipend and travel allowance and reimbursement – FOMELC
  14. Specialized equipment, safety gear and supplies for field inventories and treatment of invasive weeds -- FOMELC

Note: Clear Creek Ranger District, Arapaho National Forest (CCRD)
South Platte Ranger District, Pike National Forest (SPLRD)
Friends of Mount Evans and Lost Creek Wildernesses (FOMELC)