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Friends of Mount Evans and Lost Creek Wilderness
Mt Evans - Trail # 51

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Beginning Elevation: 12870
High Point: 14264
End Elevation: 14264
Difficulty: Difficult
Length, One Way: 3 miles
Seasons: Summer
USGS Quads: Mt. Evans
Other Maps: Arapaho National Forest, Trails Illustrated #104
Usage Level: High


Trail Heads

Summit Lake

Connecting Trails

Chicago Lakes
Summit Flats


This trail accesses the 14,264 foot summit of Mount Evans. The trail entire lies above treeline and you should be constantly alert to the likely development of summer afternoon storms with their accompanying lightening. An early start is recommended. Prepare for the possibility of snow or hail at any time of the year.

The Mount Evans Trail is a very busy trail with expansive views, leading to the summit of Mount Evans. The .2 mile trail to the summit from the summit parking lot is designated a National Recreation Trail and is a wide, refined trail. The trail is outside the Mount Evans Wilderness but reaches the Wilderness at the summit.

The north end of the trail leaves the north end of Summit Lake and climbs steeply west up the ridge toward Mount Spalding. The trail then follows the west side of the cirque above Summit Lake and ascends the west ridge of Mount Evans to its summit. This part of the trail is within the Wilderness, but does not have National Recreation Trail status.

Trail's History

The trail from the parking lot to the summit was completed in its present form in 1946 after two years of work, and designated a National Recreation Trail in 1979.

The north end of the trail was constructed in the mid-2000s by the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative in partnership with the Forest Service.