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Friends of Mount Evans and Lost Creek Wilderness
Lake Park - Trail # 639

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Beginning Elevation: 10000
High Point: 11560
End Elevation: 10750
Difficulty: Moderate
Length, One Way: 5 miles
Seasons: Summer
USGS Quads: McCurdy Mountain
Other Maps: Pike National Forest, Trails Illustrated #105
Usage Level: Medium


This trail has no trailhead. It is reached from either the Hankins Pass Trail or the Brookside -McCurdy Trail.

Trail Heads

Connecting Trails

Hankins Pass
Brookside -McCurdy


The Lake Park Trail accesses the high country west of Goose Creek. From the top of Hankins Pass it winds up through formations of red Pikes Peak granite and offers long views to the south and west. Lake Park itself a small open park at almost 11,000' surrounded by granite formations and offering water for camping.

The trail climbs north from the top of Hankins Pass through fairly open rocky country into Lake Park. Skirting the west side of the park, it continues to rise between granite walls to its high point. From there it drops down to the north and west to join the Brookside-McCurdy Trail above Hay Creek.

Trail's History

Nothing has been found of the history of the Lake Park trail. Old fences found near Lake Park would suggest the trail may have originated with cattle grazing.